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As a family man, I have fairly traditional values which have informed the founding “Four Fs” of Copper Jungle - Family, Fortitude, Freedom and Fun.

Fortitude - in its enterprising, persistent, and martial forms - and Family have both been prized by successful civilizations since the dawn of history. Freedom is slightly newer, rising in status during the Enlightenment age, but is nonetheless traditional for Americans. Fun is perhaps the only Copper Jungle value that isn’t “traditional” in one form or another. (But then again, what society hasn’t liked to have some fun now and then?)

I hope that the work I do here helps preserve these values for my children and (God willing) for my grandchildren - in essence, for the future.

So it made me happy when I stumbled on “tradwave” recently. A portmanteau of “traditional” and “vaporwave”, tradwave is a meme aesthetic that pairs historical quotes, Bible verses, and exhortations to observe traditional values with futuristic spins on Renaissance and domestic art.

All by themselves, a few pixelated and neon images of nuclear families aren’t too much to get excited about, but what excited me was seeing someone imagine a future for old school values. Too often, traditionalists allow themselves to be mired in the past. As best, this feels defeatist and bitter. At worst, it romanticizes the past uncritically, elevating the worst of humanity simply because it was historical.

If traditional values are going survive, traditionalists have to look forward. The 1950s aren’t coming back. We have to imagine the future that values children, hard work, peace, and freedom without three-piece suits, cigarettes, and Packards. We have to think like science fiction writers. We have to plan and dream. And we have to share those dreams.

I hope that Copper Jungle can help inspire those dreams. While “tradwave” actually describes something fairly specific, and not quite what we are working on, we have some key things in common. I hope we can help offer a futuristic vision of the world to children that welcomes their existence and hopes they grow up strong and free.

If offering your kids something like that appeals to you, I’d love to have your support. If you have thoughts on how we can better accomplish that mission or are working on your own projects, I’d love to hear from you.

And, sorry, I don’t have a tradwave Bopbot & Bowbot planned. But if you want to try to change my mind, comments are open.

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