About Us

Origins and Name

Copper Jungle, LLC was formed as a holding company for blogs and digital publications, including Marketsaurus - a marketing dictionary site. The idea behind the name was that the internet was a bit of a jungle and was largely made up of copper wires. The name was not originally intended for public use.


When Nelson's wife was pregnant with their first baby, he started reading bedtime stories every night. While reading these stories to the baby, Nelson realized he had stories of his own that he wanted to share with his kids.

He started writing little fairy tales and sharing them with friends and family. The Chef and The Dragon was a favorite, so Nelson had it illustrated and self-published it, using the Copper Jungle name and LLC rather than forming a new entity just for physical publishing. 

The Chef and The Dragon sold well (for a self-published title), which was exciting. Excited to see a good response from readers and happy to have a creative outlet, Nelson continued to write and illustrate new stories, collaborating with lots of talented people to find new ways to bring stories and characters to life.

The Future

We've defined our mission as the production of family entertainment that supports our values of fun, family, freedom, and fortitude. We are growing and are always interested in supporting and collaborating with other people on similar missions.

If we can help or work together, please get in touch!