Privacy Policy

We believe your family's privacy is important. We will never sell, share, or distribute data on you.

Unlike many companies, that INCLUDES the commitment not to sell you out to Big Tech for “marketing purposes.” We will not implement site-side tracking technology from Google and Facebook pixels, nor upload details about you and your purchasing history to their platforms for targeted advertising.

We are still a small outfit. While we aim to protect your privacy to the greatest degree possible, we still must rely on several other large business partners to deliver our products. In these cases, our policy is not to share any data manually and to opt out of any data sharing where possible. Despite our best efforts, we will not be able to protect any data that is traded or stored automatically or surreptitiously. This site, our email list, and payment processing which are run by Shopify and are also subject to their privacy policies. We also sell many products on Amazon; sales on that site are subject to their privacy policies.