Why So Serious?

Serious Reader - from Garden Gruesome

As I write these blog posts, I sometimes wonder to myself, “Why write this post?” My blog posts are often only tangentially related to the core Copper Jungle offering of children’s books. The posts often feel like they don’t fit well with cute little robots or fairy tales; they talk about parenting, culture, or even (gulp) politics. They aren't "fun" despite that being a key goal for Copper Jungle products.

Why? Do kindergartners reading Bopbot and Bowbot books want to read about playground conflict resolution or propaganda? No, but maybe their parents do.

After all, it’s generally grown-ups buying the books. And there’s the answer. The serious blog posts help lay out the philosophy behind the stories. I believe (perhaps incorrectly) that parents, teachers, and other grown-ups who appreciate the thinking behind the books will probably like the books too.

I’m not an expert (and maybe that’s a good thing based on what the “experts” are selling these days), just a parent. I don’t even know how my own kids will turn out.  But I’m a parent with a strong sense of values. The books AND blog posts reflect those values. I try to keep the books from being preachy (I save that for the blog), but inevitably my values show up in the work I do and the work I support.

So… if you like what I’m laying down in the blog, check out the books. I promise to save the lectures on martial virtue for the grown-up section of the site.

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