April Releases

We are excited to announce not one, but two new book releases in April!

First up is the Wee Tao Te Ching. This is the first follow-up to the best-selling Wee Hávamál. Done in the same format; it pairs thematic rhymes with a visual adventure story to make key lessons accessible to little ones.

The Tao Te Ching was written several thousand years ago, but continues to have a profound impact on the world. Not only was it a foundational text for Taoism and Chinese society as a whole several thousand years ago, it continues to be popular to this day. It has been called the "first libertarian text" and Bruce Lee's famous "be like water" line is certainly a descendant or, depending on the translation, maybe a direct quote.

Will my art and rhyme scheme endure so well? I doubt it, but your kids will like it in the mean time.

Our second release is Robert Smalls - A Not-Too-Tall Tale. Robert Smalls is one of the most exciting stories about freedom I've ever read. Smalls was born a slave. Through a combination of cleverness and sheer audacity, he not only won his freedom, but became a hero as well.

This is the second entry in our Not-Too-Tall Tales biography series for young readers.

It had originally been scheduled for a March release, but Amazon (or more accurately, USPS) had some issues getting proofs to us. But we've worked through that issue and are excited to share this story!


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