Coming Soon - New Books for 2021

January 2021 was busy month for Copper Jungle. We released our first Not-Too-Tall Tale about Margaret Thatcher, launched this website, and started several more fun book projects. Coming soon are:

The Wee Tao Te Ching

Just like The Wee Havamal, The Wee Tao Te Ching will introduce children to an ancient classic. Rewritten in simple rhymes and illustrated by an approachable pictures-only adventure story, this will be sure to get your kids' attention and keep it!

Robert Smalls - A Not-Too-Tall Tale

Robert Smalls is the inspiration for the "Not-Too-Tall" series name. If I told you story out of the blue, it would be easy to believe I made it up. But it's true!

During the Civil War, Robert was a slave who was put to work on a Confederacy gunboat. He engineered a daring escape, brought his family to freedom, and became a war hero and an accomplished politician.

This little book will bring this story to life in a memorable, exciting way. Patience Clay and Nikki Frances Fonacier are hard at work putting the finishing touches on it.


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