Launch Team Terms and Conditions

  1. By joining the Copper Jungle Launch Team program (“Program”), you agree to post reviews, pictures, or other content (“Content”) in blogs, podcasts, social media feeds, or other channels (“Channels”) in return for free products (“Product”) and/or commissions. 
    1. You agree that you have read our Values Statement and respect the values we stand for, even if you do not agree fully or without qualification. 
    2. You agree not to demean or countermand these values in any Content associated with Copper Jungle or this Program or in any channels in which you post Content during your participation in this Program. 
    1. Unless otherwise agreed on, you agree to post Content within one week (7 calendar days) of receipt of Product. 
    2. You agree to share links and/or screenshots of all Content with Copper Jungle in regular, agreed-upon reporting or as requested. 
    3. Content and other posts in Channels should be honest and reflective of your views, but must not be insulting or derogatory (to Copper Jungle or others). 
    4. Content must represent the Product fairly. Content may not include modified, filtered, edited, spliced, or distorted Products. 
    5. Content and other posts in Channels may not contain falsehoods, slurs, attacks, nudity, sexual content, profanity, or other types of material often found objectionable in a family setting.
    1. Copper Jungle will retain all rights to Product content (copyright, character rights, etc). 
    2. You will retain all rights to non-Product content - including reviews, images, etc. You agree to grant Copper Jungle rights to use images, text, or other Content in other marketing. 
    1. Copper Jungle agrees to permanently remove from public view any of your Content used in other marketing, within 48 hours of written request or as soon as practical. Exceptions include text in books and other products, which will be removed in the next-released edition after request, and any physical assets (printed advertisements, recordings, pamphlets, etc) already contracted or created, which will be removed at the end of their lifespan and not reused. 
    2. You agree to permanently remove from public view any Content you have posted at Copper Jungle’s request, within 48 hours of written request. Copper Jungle will not be liable for potential commissions unearned as a result of removed Content.
    1. You agree to operate as independent contractor. You are not an employee of Copper Jungle. 
    2. You are responsible for the creation and distribution of Content as you see fit, subject only to this agreement and any more-specific negotiations. Where another negotiation and these terms conflict, the more specific agreement will control. 
    3. You are responsible for knowing and complying with all laws relevant to your Content in your jurisdiction. This includes disclosures of sponsorship or compensation. 
    4. You may not claim to represent or be affiliated with Copper Jungle in any greater capacity than described here. 
    1. You agree to release and indemnify Copper Jungle for all liability associated with your participation in this Program. 
    2. In no case will Copper Jungle be liable to you for any amount greater than the value of promised Product and/or commissions. 
    1. Copper Jungle reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Notice will be provided to all Program participants, upon which all participants may continue or Terminate their participation in accordance with these terms. 
    1. Either party may terminate your participation in this Program at any time, for any reason. 
    2. On termination:
      1. You may keep all Product already shipped or delivered for which Content posting is complete (regardless of any Copper Jungle requests to remove Content). 
      2. You agree to post any already-agreed-upon Content for product shipped or delivered before notice of Termination was delivered, except as exempted in writing by Copper Jungle, or unless you return the Product to us at your expense. 
      3. All outstanding commissions will be paid on the regular schedule. 
      4. All commissions for Content that remains posted (subject to removal requests) will continue to be paid on regular schedules.